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Cravatier du roi had a very serious and important duty in the state administration: to offer the King a basket full of finest cravats every morning! He praises Croatian soldiers (Esclavonian soldiers) and sailors.

He was enthralled by the beauty of Dubrovnik, its hospitality, competent administration, high level of education and scholarship found among many of its inhabitants.

The word is [one] krabat, [many] krabater, and [that] krabaten, [those] krabaterna.

The meaning of the word is a "small, active, alert child", nowadays usually exclusively referring to a little boy.

He also cited some of the verses that the Dubrovnik poets addressed to him as a guest.

Talking about inhabitants of Dalmatia, he stated that they are ``in their attire and manners not unlike highland Scots - bold, honest, simple and so incured to inclement weather that even now, when the snow is 4 inches high, some of them (as I can see from my window) spend the night round a small fire in the open'' (see [Mardesic], p. Cravate with pattern of Croatian coat of arms, photo from Croatian regiments of Royal Cravate were under the French flag in military operations undertaken by Napoleon I in Russia.

Kravat - Source I remember as a child, while playing and wrestling with my friends, we used the name kravata also in this "wrestling" sense.

Believe it or not, in Polish language the following operation in and in eastern combat sports is called krawat: Krawat - Source Krawat (mae jime) - Source The term cravat, cravate, for headlock wrestling move, is used in French, English, Italian, Turkish, Croatian, Polish, and probably in many other languages. Rees (Wales) for their information about "cravate" in respective languages.

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1620, so your dating the word to the 30 years' war is correct. The same word is used in the form [one] kravatt, [many] kravatter, for (neck)tie, although this is of somewhat later origin and came to the Swedish language around 1716 from the French cravate, a Croatian scarf, as used by the Croatian soldiers.

His Memoirs of the Illustrious Francis Bacon Trenck were first printed in German and then translated into English (London, 1747). Note that he was born the same year when Ivan Gundulic died.

It is little known that a famous French King Louis XIV (1638-1715) had his cravatier du roi. Interesting impressions about the Croats can be seen in "The Journey" written by Thomas Watkins, published in London in 1792 (second edition in 1794).

According to [Dolbeau], p 18, Napoleon addressed the following message to these 296 Croatian survivors: Hier, j'ai pu m'assurer de mes propres yeux de votre courage et de votre fidlit.

Vous avez acquis la gloire immortelle et l'estime, et je vous place parmi mes meilleurs troupes.

Pour votre courage, je vous promets de vous accorder tout ce que vous me demanderez de bon droit lorsque nous serons de retour. Demobilized in 1814, only several officers stayed in France, like the "fameux gnral" Marko Sljivaric, comte de Heldenburg (1762-1838), who became commander of the city of Antibes.

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