Dating girls from ethiopia method of dating

10-Oct-2017 18:52

Male friends that are single complain about the etrete(???? It is rude to say ‘YES’ the first time; in Ethiopia that is.

All this time I thought it applied only to Injera, but it applies in everything.

I was already halfway out the door and didn’t think anything of it, and my host brother and I got into the car and headed for the city.

It became clear to me when our first stop was to a very fancy restaurant (where he had made a reservation for two) that the evening was not going to go according to plan.

I brought up, multiple times, the plans to meet up with his friends but he failed to ever give me a clear response.

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It didn’t take me long to realize that my gender, combined with my blond hair and fair skin, was enough to draw more than just a little bit of attention from Ethiopian men.After being in Ethiopia for about a week and going into the city several times with my host brother, he offered to show me the nightlife of Addis.He explained that he, his sister and I would drive into the city, meet up with their friends, and check out some bars and dance clubs.Once, while walking through the streets, a boy sitting outside his house sang a line from a popular Rihanna song, “Oh na na, what’s your name? Those were probably some of the few English words he knew.

Heads turned everywhere I went, to the point where one of my friends reminded me later, “You better enjoy this now because you know it won’t be the same once we go back to the States.” Though there were six people in my host family, my host brother was the one I ended up spending the most time with since he spoke much better English than anyone else and was the only one with a car to drive into the city.

I doubt if they even have a word in English for it.