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This does not mean that a phone containing this SIM card can connect to a maximum of only 33 or 80 networks, but it means that the SIM card issuer can specify only up to that number of preferred networks.If a SIM is outside these preferred networks it uses the first or best available network.The first SIM card was developed in 1991 by Munich smart-card maker Giesecke & Devrient, who sold the first 300 SIM cards to the Finnish wireless network operator Radiolinja.Today, SIM cards are ubiquitous, allowing over 7 billion devices to connect to cellular networks around the world.(Refer to GSM 11.11 This is used by network operators to store information on preferred networks, mostly used when the SIM is not in its home network but is roaming.

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This specification describes the physical and logical behaviour of the SIM.SIM cards are always used on GSM phones; for CDMA phones, they are only needed for newer LTE-capable handsets.