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Your company is relying on the same person to do high-concentration projects and to provide help desk support — when those are two very different roles with conflicting needs. If he lead the IT function in your company, it’s his job to say, “The current system we have isn’t working.

We need someone who’s available for interruptions from staff when they need immediate help, and that can’t be the same person who needs to spend significant time on projects that require focus and concentration.” It’s also the job of someone above him to notice the same thing and address it, even if he’s not raising it himself.

(And if I can see it from here, they should certainly be able to see it from there.) It’s of course possible that the company can’t afford two separate full-time IT people, but if that’s the case, then they need to look at other solutions — contracting out help desk support, limiting the number of intensive projects the IT person is asked to do, telling staff members they’re on their own for day-to-day tech support, or whatever they decide makes sense.

But it’s not tenable to just keep things are they are and let the situation go unaddressed.

I’ve made a small program that can be used to upload your own *files to arduino boards using the bootloader. I made it for my own use and found it pretty useful. To use it compile you’re code in something like Avr Studio.

Then simply start XLoader.exe, pick a hex file and press upload.

and that if they’re too afraid to approach him, he’s failing to perform a crucial part of his job.

(Aside: do not EVER call him the “IT guy.” You will be severely rebuked.

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