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Over the past few years I have been researching and writing a history of Europe in the 19th century, from the Battle of Waterloo to the outbreak of the First World War, and it has struck me that throughout this era, when politicians were wont to boast from time to time of Britain’s “splendid isolation”, the UK was in fact closely bound into the rest of Europe.

In 1938, on the eve of the Second World War, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain referred to Czechoslovakia as “a far-off country of which we know nothing”.

Such an attitude would have struck the average Briton in the 19th century as strange.

This was, after all, the first age of tourism, after the French Revolution had put an end to the aristocratic Grand Tour.

seeing other people get engaged, and knowingit's bullshit, you're running amokwith your left hand, and in your right holding the ringhow long will this last, this bullshit, face, farcefacade? "because what kind of question is that,to a non-responsive audience? Dancing when you don't hear the musicand you want people to see you dancing.

Case in point.people that make vlogs and say "what's going on guys?

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But living in the moment wetranscend our world of cruelty,and past events of tragic lossthe world spins, the trees grow moss.

Yet as Boris Johnson so wisely said in his speech on June 24 after the EU referendum, “We cannot turn our backs on Europe.