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I met Derek Murphy at Creativ Indie when he was starting out and developed a relationship because of my platform [at The Creative]. I had a big learning curve to overcome, and I went through three iterations of the PDF cover before landing on one I was comfortable with.

Then I changed it again later when I published the Kindle edition (with great feedback from the Ebook Cover Design Awards).

Since she quit her corporate job and published her first book about the experience, Joanna Penn has been a self-publishing powerhouse. For a quality, impactful book, you need more than a proofread or spell-check of a first draft.

She’s built a career as an author-entrepreneur, sharing resources for other authors at The Creative Penn and self-publishing New York Times and USA Today best-selling thriller novels as author J. Beta readers and/or experienced developmental and content editors will help ensure your book shares your message or story coherently, and a strong copyeditor will help you make every sentence pop off the page.

To keep costs low, think outside the box and reach into your network.

Make the most of your money, effort and time by working with a genre-specific editor who understands your voice and brand. I used beta readers from my critique group and authors I knew.

You want to self-publish your book, but budgeting for the process is more challenging that it looks.

The numbers you’re hearing from experts regarding the costs of self-publishing are all over the board.

She blogs about self-publishing and more at Catherine, Caffeinated. I share resources, tips and tools for writers at Writers Bucket, and I have self-published two collections of essays, a variety of infoproducts and the Amazon Bestselling ebook A Writer’s Bucket List. Here’s the breakdown of costs for Hope’s nonfiction book The Shy Writer Reborn; Catherine’s second memoir Backpacked; Joanna’s first novel, Pentecost; and my ebook A Writer’s Bucket List. Editing — which includes developmental editing, content editing, copyediting and proofreading — can make the difference between a good book and great one.

Are authors really managing to release quality books without paying for professional editing, design, marketing and other services?