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More sirens can be heard in the background as a man dressed in shorts remonstrates with the officers, who is then applauded by the bikers.

Several police cars and riot vans arrive and the officers manage to take the biker away in handcuffs.

At Leyton Orient, a club run into the ground and out of the Football League by former owner Francesco Becchetti.

At Sheffield United, part-owned by Prince Abdullah, a member of the Saudi royal family that presides over one of the world’s most repressive, illiberal regimes. The sort of person who wants to own a football club these days is, at times, exactly the sort of person you do not want owning a football club.

Spurs fans may know him better as the man who successfully uprooted Arsenal from south London to Highbury: the original franchise owner.

One biker is pushed away as the female officer shouts: 'Get back.'Two more officers arrive and one flicks out his baton as he walks towards the gang in the phone footage, which has gone viral with more than 1.2million views.

Witness Stephanie Dewaney claims trouble flared after police swooped on a biker acting as an outrider at a busy road junction on Friday, June 7 at 3pm.

She said: 'This was obviously being done to ensure the safety of not only the riders but to avoid incidents with other road users and most who were held up seemed to be ok with letting the bikers pass through the junction.'As this was happening, two police officers arrived on the scene and attempted to move the prospect member who had stopped his bike across the junction to allow the rest to pass, when he attempted to explain what he was doing and didn't immediately move, the officer pulled him away whilst the other attempted to move his bike.'She added: 'The Angels showed great restraint and explained to other officers what had happened and then got back on their bikes and re-joined the rest of their group.'Most motorists who were stopped at the junction were gobsmacked to watch the Angels move through the junction and there was absolutely no reason for the totally over the top subsequent actions of the first two officers who behaved as they did.'A police spokesman said: 'We arrested one person and he has been released pending further investigations, which are currently on-going.'The Hell's Angels were started on March 17, 1948, by the Bishop family, Second World War veterans in Fontana, California, followed by an amalgamation of other motorcycle clubs.

There was Robert Maxwell, the notorious newspaper magnate and former Oxford United owner whose many infelicities - among them a penchant for cosying up to brutal dictators and a shameless raid on his own company’s pension fund - only became fully apparent after his untimely death in 1991.

And then there was Bob Lord, the former Burnley chairman who led the club to a sparkling run of success in the 1950s and 1960s but who also deserves to be known as the man who barred television cameras from Turf Moor, on the grounds that it would keep money out of the hands of “the Jews who run television”.

' as the group drew in after the suspected was frogmarched to the police car.

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